Runescape Auto Switcher V3

Automating tedious clicks on Runescape with a press of a button

For those of you who have been apart of RAS since the beginning I just want you to know I appretiate all of you. RAS would not be what it is today if it wasnt for the community.
It has been a long journey getting RAS to where it is today and it is sad for me to say this, but with the circumstances that I am faced with I am shutting down RAS completely. When one door closes another door opens. I will still be around in the RS Community but will not be pushing anything with RAS anymore. If you need to get into contact with me you can add my discord: Viral#8637. Do not add my discord for support because I will not give any support towards RAS.

Once again thank you all for being apart of RAS.



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#1 Leading Runescape Auto Switcher

We would like to introduce to you the number #1 leading rs auto switcher/rs auto clicker that is taking over the Runescape realm.

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It is fact that Runescape is built around a ticking system. It is also fact that if you click your items, special attack, prayer, or magic before the tick is over you can achieve a higher advantage over your opponent. RAS has proven time and time again that it increases your kill rate over your death rate. I could go on and say how RAS is essentially a way to hack the system so that you always win in a PVP match, but I guess you just have to see for yourself. We truly believe we have figured out the secret to winning by using Runescape Auto Switcher.
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Our Features

Seamless Switching

We are determined to make sure that this tool does not get you banned. We are not trying to flood RS with bots that have no human interaction. We are simply streamlining everything you do on RS as you play.

Target Tracking

With Target tracking you wont ever miss your target when pking, or even PVM. On switch and hover mouse position click it will automatically click your opponent or monster that you are interacting with.

1 Tick Special Attacks

We have put a lot of time into perfecting the special attacks. We have the origial clicking of the spec bar, waiting for a spec to finish, and double clicking the spec bar for instant spec with Granit Maul.

0.1% Ban Rate

We have been around for over a year and have records of two possible people being banned from using our software. Now both of those bans were manual and not caught by the system.

Code Quality And Security

We have built our software with quality and security in mind. We took it a step further and had our software reviewed by a security auditor to ensure that our code was built perfectly for performance, security, and reliability.

Intelligent Anti-Ban

We buil the switcher to use random intervals on all set switches/actions. Every switch is different. We have built in our switcher to use advanced algorithms of mouse movement to make the switch as realistic as possible.

12 Presets Per Profile

You can have up to 12 different hotkeys per profile and unlimited profiles.

Combat Switching

When fighting you can now switch between attack styles with a press of a button to get the best accuracy and strength when hitting your opponent or monster.

Unequipping Items

We have built a feature into RAS to allow you to unequip certain slots to get the best out of certain presets you build.

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Why You Should Choose Us?

Great Social Community

Here at RAS we have built a good enviorment for users like you to get involved in the community. Join our discord and start being active with users just like you!

We Give Back

We appretiate our users. From time to time we like to host events and give back to the communicty. If it being big drop parties or it being helpful tips on pking.

Our Software Simply Just Works

At RAS we strive for perfection with our software. We make sure every line is optimized in the best way so you get the best performance in your switches.